Sporty Chic In Autumn


October 20, 2014


There are certain phenomenon in life we simply don't have an explanation and that includes on the earth as well. Two weeks ago I would say autumn/winter started, I could take my winter coats out, boots, etc. but this last weekend the weather completely changes. We've had such sunny days with warm temperatures. I definitely not complain in contrast I have enjoyed the weather to the fullest, but there is a thing I have to admit: 'the world is a mysterious.' Do you agree with me?

As you have heard before I want to take Verzali to the next level and these past couple of weeks have been quite intense for me in terms of blogging. You might see cool images up on here, but actually there's a big part happening behind the scenes where I get to meet new people for partnership, discuss new collaboration opportunities, reply emails and of course be active on social media. Blogging brings a massive diversity of activities (I think my fellow bloggers will agree with me), I have to be a 'model', a writer, a stylist and a businesswoman at the same time. Awesome job don't you think? Anyway, I love doing it.

Since the agreeable temperature, I decided to enjoy more of the weather and the people I love. I take a day off from blogging and everything that comes with it and just doing sweet things. Photographing, strolling through little streets of the city, eating delicious ice-cream and making naughty jokes with my sister of course.

For that day I went for a sporty chic look, something I never wore it before. I mixed different patterns, materials and colors for that nice feeling, but at the same time for a comfortable and edgy look. What do you guys think of this look? Wish you all a lovely week.

I was wearing: Primark top H&M pants Zara shoes Charles Vögele jacket 

I was wearing: Primark top H&M pants Zara shoes Charles Vögele jacket 

What Is Your Motto On Life?


October 12, 2014


This last weekend I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about a lot of subjects and one of it was in terms of life. She asked me this question: 'What is your motto on life?' I have to admit at that exact moment I didn't know what to answer and I told her I will answer soon. And here I am answering her question and sharing it at the same time with you my beloved readers. 

I believe in life we are all dealt a different hand of hardships and blessings. We each have a unique life experience that will help us learn, grow and develop relationally, emotionally and spiritually. We must each honor our personal life history to gain awareness of how our earlier experiences have shaped and molded us into who we are today. 

We have the choice to let go of negative thinking and old belief systems patterns that constrain us and create our own ceilings. We have the power to attract positivity in our lives by silencing our inner critic and practicing gratitude.

In my practice and in my own life experiences, I have come to believe that some of the greatest life challenges bring about gifts such as increased consciousness, wisdom, strength capability  awareness, depth, perspective, empathy, compassion, resiliency, tolerance and serenity.

Our life outcome all depends on how we view the hand we are dealt. If we focus on the negative, on our egos, or on the hardships of the past we will not thrive and prosper. If we view our hardships as opportunities for growth and learning and empower ourselves to move forward in life in a way that is compassionate and loving to ourselves and others, we will succeed personally and professionally. 

I would love to read your motto on life. Maybe it's a string of words, a collection of passages or a saying that captures your purpose or mission. Or maybe a poem that inspires your actions. Just share it here with me.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to be awesome and lovely. 

I was wearing: Mission blue shirt, H&M pants Vintage blazer, Steve Madden shoes and River Island bag

The Hat Lady Is Back


October 6, 2014


Hi sweet treats, I hope you all are doing well. I can't believe my last article was approximately two weeks ago. Really, time goes by so fast and sometimes I have the feeling I don't have enough time for everything. I wish I could stop the clock for a while, I wish I wish...

As I stated previously I'm hard-working on this site you may not see it yet, but on the background there is some hard work in progress. I can't wait to exhibit the new Verzali and share with you awesome content with the best quality. What I already can divulge is that there will be some much more interesting categories and subjects for both women and men. I don't know yet when it will be divulging, but you will naturally be seen. And guys I'm really trying to post more than once in a week, but it is just not possible at least at the moment. Please, try to understand that there will definitely be a change.

When it rains, I take my hats out. Yes, the rainy season is approaching gradually and what a better fashionable way to hide from the raindrops then wearing hats. When it comes to fall one thing that can not miss in my wardrobe are hats. They give the look an elegant and warm radiance. For this look I chose to combine the hat with a black blazer which gives a more classic look and to bring more color and to finish the outfit, I matched it with a vibrancy wide-leg trousers. Love this color, it fits so well in autumn. 

Wishing all of you a marvelous start of the week and might all your plans be performed. 

I was wearing: H&M hat and blazer, Loavies top (summer collection), Forever21 trousers, Zara shoes, Fossil watch