Day-To-Day outfit


November 18, 2014


Hello beautiful! I hope you have had a wonderful Monday since many people don't like that day. I have to admit that Mondays are just like others workdays for me and I love it. I realize we are already in November and we have about one and half month before the end of the year, I really can't believe it... time flies by so fast! But before we can celebrate New Year's Eve there is of course Christmas. Christmas is without a doubt one of my favorite festive occasion after my birthday (doesn't it count?). We always try to celebrate Christmas with the family and most of the time we celebrate it here in The Netherlands, but this year we are going to Lissabon. Many of you don't know, but Portugal is my second based home and I can't wait to see my beloved one again. Do you already have any plans for Christmas?

Back to the outfit, today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite ''day-to-day looks'' or (should I name it the off-duty look?) This outfit is what I love to wear when I'm going to college or rushing from one extreme to the other for meetings. On those days I want to dress myself as comfortable, casual and simple as possible and basic pieces are a must. For some more vibrancy to the outfit I chose for a burgundy faux leather pants and I finished the look with this fascinating bag from River Island, perfect for this season.  

Beanie - H&M  Jumper - Forever21 (similar)

Neckless - Forever21 (similar)  Pants - H&M (similar)

Booties -  Bag- River Island  (similar)

You Gotta Love Gray


November 14, 2014


Hello beautiful souls, Just a quick update here, showing you what I was wearing to a meeting a couple of days ago. Today I have a busy day ahead as usual, but I'm happy because it's Friyay!!! 

Wish you all a blessed day flowing with positive light and energy. Happy Friday my loves. 

Hat - Zara (similar). Jacket - Villa (similar).

Pants - WE (similar). Bag - Smaak Amsterdam.

Shoes - Zara (similar).

Royal Mansour Marrakech


November 11, 2014


There is nothing better when traveling staying in a comfortable place, surround by good company feeling like I am home. When I'm traveling there are several things I'm always fascinated by: the native people, the culture, the location I'm staying and one important thing, the architecture. As you might know I'm tremendous charmed by architecture and interior design. Thence I will share more from it.

A couple of days ago while looking for vacation destination for upcoming summer, I have come across this incredible Hotel ''Royal Mansour Marrakech'' in Marrakech city. As a creative soul endlessly inspirited by colors, textures, basically in everything, this luxurious Hotel definitely deserves a place in my bucket list of ''hotels I want to stay'' and to my inspiration mood board. Look at these images, this hotel is just incredible amazing, isn't it? Everything has been thought to the smallest details and the contrast between traditional and modern style make the interior stand out. Marrakech can't wait to visit you.